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CX Confessions: Episode 20 - The future of partnership marketing with C Garcia, CMO of

In this episode of CX Confessions: The Customer Experience Show, hosts Katherine Calvert, CMO at Khoros, and Spike Jones, General Manager of Strategic Services at Khoros, sit down with Cristy Ebert Garcia, CMO at Cristy shares more about her plans to contribute as the new CMO at, and which areas she’s hoping to tackle first. Listeners will hear Cristy’s perspective on partnership marketing, including the importance of finding the right partners and why leaders should be viewing partners as an extension of the company, rather than a transactional relationship. .

Join us as we discuss:

-The future of partnership marketing

-Analyzing customer data

-Adapting to your audience’s changing appetites

-Tough lessons about the customer journey

-Making a big impact on your audience

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