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CX Confessions Podcast: Episode 5 - CX That Thrills: How Crown Castle Reinvented B2B CX

In an increasingly connected world, customer experience has become a make or break asset to any company. B2Bs are now being faced with the choice to adapt or age-out. On this week’s episode Sangeeta Mudnal , VP of Customer Experience at Crown Castle, joins us to talk about building mutually beneficial relationships with consumers by delivering thrilling customer experiences. What we talked about: - Differences between B2B and B2C - Why B2Bs need CX - Achieving brand advocates - How to thrill customers Itching for more CX goodness? You can find this interview, and many more, by subscribing to CX Confessions on Apple Podcasts, on Spotify, or here. Listening on a desktop & can’t see the links? Just search for CX Confessions in your favorite podcast player.

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