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CX Confessions Podcast: Episode 7 - Cheeselandia: A Micro Influencer Love Story

Join co-hosts Spike Jones and Katherine Calvert as they interview marketing pioneer Suzanne Fanning, CMO for Wisconsin Cheese & SVP of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, about the innovative and revolutionary ways this organization turned a small marketing budget into a campaign that “won” South by Southwest (SXSW) and became a favorite of Elon Musk’s.

In this episode, we discuss:

- The success of Cheeselandia, a fan-driven online community that is bigger than ever.

- Accomplishing mind-blowing customer engagement with a tiny budget.

- Bringing celebrity guest Nick Offerman into a virtual Wisconsin Cheese event at SXSW.

- The importance of organic word-of-mouth marketing.

Listen to CX Confessions on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or visit our website.

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