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Brains on Fire

(Co-authored by Spike Jones)
Igniting Powerful, Sustainable Word of Mouth Movements

Featuring ten lessons you can start building on today, this book takes you step-by-step through lessons the authors have learned on how to inspire excitement and engage the customers and other stakeholders who will advocate for you.

Brains on Fire reveals how to ignite powerful, meaningful, sustainable, word-of-mouth movements that are “win-win” for your customers and your business. Believing that the focus should be on people and not the shiny new tools and tactics du jour (like Facebook and Twitter), Brains on Fire gives you the keys to building long-term momentum both online and offline for your company, product, service, or organization.

How did a 360-year-old company double its profits in key markets just by tapping into a community its customers had already formed? How does a major retailer plan to win as it moves into an entirely new type of business? Real-life examples show you how today’s companies win at word-of-mouth; all are discussed so you can easily understand and apply the principles in your business.

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