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"Spike's presentation was one of the most exciting, well-presented and inspiring things I've seen in a long time, and I say that as someone who was in NYC for Advertising Week last week, at OMMA Global on both coasts this year SXSW Interactive, Social Media Week and more. He was engaging and fun, his presentation full of solid takeaways and his overarching message contrary to reigning 'best practices' - but so smart and well-supported I'm happy to call them 'better practices'."

"Fantastic...Inspiring...Awesome! were just a few of the enthusiastic comments received from audience members. 4.9 out of 5.0 for 'Quality of Speaker'? I'm not sure Bono could have pulled as high of marks."

"Funny, educational and insightful. All delivered in Spike's low key, laid-back style. If you want to learn about word of mouth marketing and how to build a sustainable movement, check out Spike. If you have a need for a speaker on this topic, give Spike a call."

"You did an awesome job and brought exactly the message and impact to the event that we were hoping for. Your message was inspiring and energizing to me personally and no doubt to all."

"People have been buzzing about his session all day."

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