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Get Your Customers to do Stuff for You

This has got to be the biggest red flag we’re seeing these days. This idea that you can “get” your customers to do things. Get them to buy. Visit. Blog. Comment. Engage. Evangelize. Own. Get them. Get them. Get them.

I think this is almost a sub-conscious slip-up of most marketers held over from the marketing 101 days. Remember that vocabulary? Where we target segments, launch a campaign and aim for target domination? Ya know, that war mentality.

But I digress. With the barriers coming down that marketing and advertising have built up over the years, there’s still this idea that – even by “engaging” with your customers – you can get them to do something.

Look, we can’t “get” people to do anything. And if that’s the mentality, then we all lose. Social media isn’t going to change that. Or make it any easier to get people to do things for you.

Just something to chew on as we all navigate these new waters.

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