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Never underestimate what people will get excited about

So you’re concerned that you’re product or service isn’t sexy. That it’s not an iPod or a sports car. That people aren’t going to talk about it because it’s not exactly what most folks would call “cool.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re mistaken.

When you really engage and participate in your customers lives, you can begin to understand what makes them tick. And even better for you, is understanding what they are passionate about. But you have to look at it from their perspective. It’s not about how THEY fit into your marketing plan. It’s about how YOU fit into their lives. It’s about reframing the conversation.

You’d be amazed what people will willingly spend their time and effort on when they’re passionate about something - no matter if it’s scissors or musical instruments or books or well…Legos and the Matrix.

Meet Trevor Boyd and Steve Ilett, who took their favorite scene from the Matrix (celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year) and recreated it frame-for-frame using Legos. And it took them 440 hours. Unbelievable. And a true testament as to what people can get excited about and spend their time and effort working to embrace that passion.

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