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Tell me about your first…car

Last night out at a local restaurant we got into a discussion about first cars. And it was so interesting to me how vivid people’s memories were when it came to that one particular story about their first car. All the things that was wrong with it. How they came to acquire it. The memories that were attached to it.

So I started thinking about the power of stories. In particular I thought about the power of “firsts” and how we, as marketers can use the power of firsts in this world that seems to be littered with so many “me toos.”

Just a thought.

By the way, my first car was a 1964 Ford Falcon. It was white four-door with a light blue interior. My dad’s uncle had it in his garage and it wasn’t running - and he wanted a microwave. So I went and bought him a microwave and he gave me the car. My dad and I spent the next four months rebuilding the engine (okay, I handed him the tools), doing the body work and repairing the interior. It had bench seats with lap belts and a steel dashboard. And it also had the exact same instrument dials as the ‘65 Mustang. Since it only had a radio, we put a Sony stereo in it. I loved that car. So many good memories for the two years I had it before selling it for college.

So now you’re probably thinking of your first car. And, of course, feel free to share.

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