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The Customer is Always Right…Sometimes

You’ve heard the phrase. You’ve probably even said it before. But in this age of “everyone has a voice and a way to broadcast it out into...

Defining who you aren’t

A prospective client came and visited us at the Brains on Fire worldwide headquarters this week about a naming and identity project. And...

Passion is not a commodity

So quit treating it like one. It’s not something you can buy or sell. It’s not even something that you can earn. The word “passion” is...

Brand Promise vs. Brand Commitment

“There’s a difference between a brand promise and a brand commitment. It’s easy to promise. It’s hard to commit.” - G. Cordell I love...

Numbers for the sake of numbers

Hypothetical question for you: Let’s say you’ve been writing a blog for years now. And you’ve got a pretty good readership built up. Not...

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